Flea Removal

Indoor Flea Control Chesapeake VA - Where do you start

Flea removal involves a three step process. First you must remove all stages of fleas that you can see. Your next step is to kill all adult fleas remaining in the environment. Once that is completed you must prevent any forms from developing.

You can begin the process by simply vacuuming the area as well as you can. Do not only vacuum your floors. In order to get the best result in your flea removal attempt you must vacuum all areas including furniture, drapes, under furniture and anywhere else that you can reach. The vacuuming will help remove flea eggs. Make sure to throw out the vacuum bag as soon as you are done vacuuming. 

The second part of your flea removal process is to kill the remaining adult fleas and eggs. There are a number of ways that you can do this and you should pick the one that best suits your environment. Use a product that has an adulticide and an insect growth regulator. These products come in foggers, sprays and carpet powders. Make sure to take into account children and pets that may have access to the area.

Finally make sure to clean weekly around the previously infected area and around any pets bedding with pet safe flea spray.

RVA Thermal Heat/VA Beach did a great job in a troubling situation. They were discreet and respectful of how we felt during the whole process. I highly recommend their services. They helped me out tremendously

William - Owner

Flea Treatments in Chesapeake VA Using Heat 


Sometimes doing flea removal yourself just isn't possible. Do they keep coming back? There are many different venues that can sometimes need a to get a flea problem under control quickly. Most of the time these types of venues have high traffic and it is impossible to keep the area vacant long enough to use foggers or other methods. Our heat treatment method for fleas will get your residence or business back up to normal quickly and discreetly.