• AFFORDABLE - Discreet Bed Bug Removal
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    AFFORDABLE - Discreet Removal of Bedbugs, Odor and Moisture Control for Residential, Hotels, Apartments, Assisted Living Facilities, Hospitals and Schools
  • RVA THERMAL HEAT/VA Beach of Chesapeake VA currently has 4 trained bed bug scent detection dogs - Pink, Blue, Cordy, and Roger
    Discrete, non-visual presence during treatment: 100% Non-Toxic, No Chemicals- Kid & Pet Friendly


Heat Treatments Do Not Have To Be Expensive

 Coastal Thermal Heat Treatments Are A Fraction of Our Competitors Cost

Why Choose RVA Thermal Heat/VA Beach

RVA Thermal Heat/VA Beach has one mission in mind and that is to be the go to company for bed bug removal in Chesapeake and the surrounding areas including VA Beach, Hampton Roads and Norfolk

  1. Discreet Service

    Discreet Bed Bug Removal Cheaspeake VA

    Our service is meant to be discreet. No one wants to be in the situation to need our service but it happens. That doesn’t mean everyone needs to know

  2. Non Toxic

    Non Toxic Bed Bug Removal

    A Non-Toxic way to remove bed bugs. Kid & Pet Friendly

  3. Top of the Line Equipment

    Our Bed Bug Heat Treatment Equipment

    RVA Thermal Heat/VA Beach of Chesapeake VA uses top of the line equipment to eradicate bedbugs. 

  4. K-9 Inspections when necessary

    K-9 Bed Bug Removal Virginia Beach VA

    K-9 Inspection are available before and after service

  5. Custom Client Guarantee

    Bed Bug Removal Guarantee

    Custom Guarantee For Each Individual Client , Guaranteed To Be Better Than Any Of Our Competitors