Bed Bug Treatment  Chesapeake VA

You need a Bed Bug Treatment in Chesapeake VA but what is it? RVA Thermal Heat/VA Beach provides bed bug pest control through a process known as a Heat Treatment. While a heat treatment may be a few dollars more on the front end it will save you in the long run. Heat kills bed bugs completely. It kills the eggs and adults. Many people choose to go the pesticide route the first time and soon find out that it was not as successful as they had hoped. When using pesticides there will be many treatments over a period of time. A heat treatment gets you back into your house the same day with no bed bugs. The pesticide treatments only kill the adults. Also any adults that are hiding, which they do, will remain in the home to reproduce again. The bed bug heat treatment allows you to leave all of your cloths and furniture in the house to be treated at the same time. This gets all the one that are in your drawers, furniture and in the walls. Unfortunately you will not be able to do that with chemicals.

Once exploring their options with pesticides many homeowners come across heat treatments because they are finally fed up. We then come in and eradicate the bed bug issue. If you find yourself thinking about going the “cheaper” route for your bed bug treatment give us a call first so that we can go over the processes together. We are here to help in this troubling time.

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