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Hotel and Apartment Bed Bug Heat Treatments VA Beach VA

Has one of your guests brought bed bugs with them? Did your last renter leave you an unexpected infestation? There are many ways that a hotel or an apartment ends up getting bedbugs. RVA Thermal Heat/VA Beach can get you back up and running quicker than your standard pest control practices. Having it treated chemically could shut down that room for three weeks. No one wants to lose revenue. Give us a call to see how we are different.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment With RVA Thermal Heat/VA Beach

RVA Thermal Heat/VA Beach uses heat to treat for bedbugs. Many times it will only require one treatment in order to remove your bed bug problem. Guests are able to reoccupy the room the same evening or the next day depending on the situation. Everything has a thermal death point and not only will the process remove the bed bugs but it will eliminate odors as well.

What Kind of Equipment

RVA Thermal Heat/VA Beach of VA Beach VA uses state of the art heat technology equipment to eradicate bedbugs. We use propane driven heaters, temperature monitoring equipment and different levels of fans. Air movement is critical in this process and is specific to the success of imparting the heated air into the room and ensures even coverage of treatment. Temperature monitoring is vital. You must reach the thermal death point of the target pests and hold that temperature for a period of time to kill the eggs. The equipment we use helps to ensure this.


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