Bed Bug Removal

Residential Bed Bug Heat Treatment in Chesapeake VA

satisfactionHas your home been taken over by bedbugs? Do you need a Bed Bug Heat Treatment? Here at RVA Thermal Heat/VA Beach of Chesapeake VA we understand that this is a very trying time for an individual. It’s not your fault. Your house can be very clean and yet still end up infested with these annoying parasites. Our professionals will come to your home and take of it for you discreetly and professionally. Call us today for your no obligation bed bug removal quote.


Bed Bug Heat Treatment Removal

icon-green-fireWhy do we use heat treatments to get rid of bedbugs? Simply a bed bug heat treatment is safer, works better and is more friendly to the environment. Pesticides are harmful to the environment and to anyone that has to come into contact with these chemicals. It is also taking more treatments now to kill bedbugs with chemicals. They have adapted over the years and they have grown more resistant to these chemicals.


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